Cop Call: Teens play CoD loudly, get raided by police

It's all too easy to get carried away when you're playing a game, but a group of teens in Sweden recently went a little too far and as a result found themselves lying face down on the ground with ten cops pointing guns at them.

As reported by Swedish site The Local (and spotted by Kotaku), a group of teens were playing the PC version of Call Of Duty together and were, it seems, having a ball.

A Swedish police car. Just to help you picture the scene

They were having such a great time, in fact, that when one of the teens was killed in the game he thought it would be hilarious to leap onto the floor, writhing around and screaming "HELP! HELP!" at the top of his lungs as if he himself had been attacked.

Naturally, passers-by outside the house only heard the screams and did what you'd expect any concerned citizen to do - called the police, saying they thought there was a murder taking place.

Ten minutes later, a ten-man strong team of Sweden's hardest cops raided the flat, screaming at the teens to put their hands up, leave the flat and lay face down on the ground with their hands on their heads.

After the misunderstanding was explained, the teens were allowed to go back and play their game, albeit in a much more sombre fashion.