Steam Greenlight updated with community-requested features

Item skipping, follow and collections options added

Valve has added new features to its user-based game voting system, Steam Greenlight.


A new 'Ask me later' option now allows you to skip titles in your queue. Skipped games will disappear from your queue for a month, before reappearing to take your vote. You can also view these skipped titles through a new Items to Revisit Later menu item in Greenlight.

A new 'Follow' option lets you keep track of announcements from the developer of your chosen games, and can now share it on your feed and via social networks.

Collections have also been updated, so you can now post announcements for anyone following your collection, and can follow the collections of people with similar tastes.

The system now also provides more detailed statistics for developers to show how many people are looking at their item, voting, and how that adds up over time.