GTA V delay: Rockstar dismisses 'conspiracy theories'

Firm insists game's release was only pushed back to improve quality

Rockstar has rubbished unspecified "conspiracy theories" surrounding the recent Grand Theft Auto V delay.


While it's not clear which theories the company is referring to, it has been suggested that the game could be planned for release on both current and next generation consoles.

However, Rockstar insists the only reason it delayed the Grand Theft Auto V release date (from spring 2013 to September 17) was to ensure the product meets consumer expectations.

"To those of you saying or seeing various conspiracy theories about there being some other ulterior motive for this delay, rest assured that they're all nonsense - literally the only reason we've delayed the release is because we want the game to be as good as it needs to be," the company said.

"For those of you asking about the official box art, that will be coming out a bit later as well."

Rockstar said last week that it's looking forward to sharing more information about the game in the coming months, including plans for its "brand new and ambitious approach to open world multiplayer".

While GTA V has only been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar said previously that PC and Wii U versions are "up for consideration".