Premature congratulations: Wreck-It Ralph game is shorter than the movie

If you're planning on purchasing the sprog in your life a copy of the new Activison-published Wreck-It Ralph tie-in this week, you might find a visit to the cinema more fruitful.

I played through the platformer (out on Wii and 3DS) this weekend and it took me a grand total of one hour and 39 minutes to complete it 100% with all collectibles.

Amazingly, that makes it even shorter than the film itself, which clocks in at one hour and 48 minutes.


This isn't the first hopelessly short movie tie-in either - not by a long shot. The Wii and 3DS version of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon took just under three hours to beat, and I managed to finish follow-up Transformers Prime: The Game in two hours and 34 minutes.