Fuse 'just about done'; last minute changes detailed

Delayed shooter undergoing last minute tweaks

Forthcoming third-person shooter Fuse has been delayed due to a series of last minute gameplay adjustments, which have been detailed in a new blog.


According to Insomniac Games, the development team has been shifted around to accommodate some last minute fine tuning. The changes include a reduction in enemy wave numbers, and amendments to mini-boss and boss behaviors in an effort to "differentiate our baddies more."

Elsewhere, the studio is including instances where the four-person squad will be split up into two teams. "This should change up game play in those sections significantly," the blog reads.

On the topic of enemy wave numbers, the studio decided the game was throwing "one too many enemy waves" at the player before it allowed progress, but promises that it "is still exciting and almost overwhelming, without bogging the player down."

Fuse was originally slated for a March release but will now hit retail in Q2 to allow for extra development time.