Ask CVG Anything: Rayman Legends delay and this gen's hidden gems

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Cheat codes used to be a staple part of my gaming childhood. However, in recent times, they have become few and far between. What are your favourite codes and do you think that gaming misses the novelty of them? - George Bass
Tamoor - Konami code is a given, but my favourite is probably from the Mega Drive version of Aladdin, hit 'A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A, A, A' to skip levels. That code is burned into my head.

Chris - Konami code aside, I still have numerous cheat codes lodged in my mind nearly 20 years after playing some games. Off the top of my head I'm thinking ABACABB, ABBAABBA, ABRACADABRA, ADE-NAI-WRA-LKA and Down, R, Up, L, Y, B. Gamers my age will recognise most of these without me having to even mention the games in question but for those completely confused they're the blood code in Mortal Kombat, the level skip in Aladdin, the level skip in Chuck Rock, level 6 in Splatterhouse II (the level where his missus gets dragged into a pit) and the same-character 2P code for Street Fighter II respectively.
While recent games have brought a few cheat codes (I'm sure some gamers know the code to spawn a tank in GTA off by heart), they definitely do seem to have died out this gen in favour of unlockable cheats or easter eggs. It's a shame.

Splatterhouse 2, level 6. Code: ADE-NAI-WRA-LKA

Were you more disappointed by Assassins Creed 3 or Dead Space 3? - Josh Fairhurst
Chris - I didn't mind either really, but I suppose Dead Space 3 impressed me the least. I suppose I'm just too cynical these days and having loads of big explosions and cut-scenes chucked in my face every two seconds for the first two hours annoyed me and started me off on the wrong foot with it.
Tamoor - Assassin's Creed 3, for sure. I didn't like Conner as a character at all and it felt so restrictive. I hated the eavesdropping mechanic and was annoyed that it wouldn't let me kill my target the way I wanted. I really only played it because I'm hooked into the lore, I needed to see what happens next.

Do you think more games should be ported to the Vita (X-COM would be a good fit) to make it a bit more desirable? - Ashley Winterbottom
Rob - I'd go as far as saying it is essential that Sony convinces developers to think of developing Vita editions of their games, but due to both financial and technical reasons, very few third-party companies are convinced. It's a huge shame that most companies can't afford the risk, but I do understand from their perspective. Don't worry too much right now - Sony likely has a bigger plan in mind with regards to reversing Vita's fortunes.
Chris - Usually when a system gets a port people moan because it isn't a new game (look at the hassle the 3DS and Wii U got in their first few months). At this point though, with the Vita's library in the state it's in, I'd be bloody delighted if
anything came out for it, port or not. Give us an HD Patapon Trilogy or an HD version of the LocoRoco games - imagine how great upscaled versions of those would look on the Vita's screen. Sure, they may not be enough to shift loads of Vitas on their own, but just now the perception among gamers is that Vita has no games in the pipeline, so they'd at least help get rid of that notion.
Tamoor - Definitely! Some games would fit so well, X-COM and Tokyo Jungle are at the top of my wishlist. Unfortunately with Vita not selling very well developers and publishers have no incentive.
Chris - Tokyo Jungle is an AMAZING shout, mate.

Anyone else for Tokyo Jungle on Vita?

I got a PS Vita today and I think it's a smashing bit of kit so far, what three games would you like to see come to Vita? (No rules or constraints, they don't have to "save" the Vita either) - TheLastDodo
Rob - Glad you like it! If I could choose anything, it'd be GTA V, the Half-Life series (all the way up to Episode 2) and especially the Streets of Rage trilogy.
Chris - HD Patapon Trilogy (as I said above), NBA 2K13, Rock Band Blitz (seriously, it'd be a great handheld game).
Tamoor - I'd really like to play Hotline Miami on it. Apart from that I'd like a new Metal Gear Acid; I might be one of the few people that actually enjoyed those games. Oh and I'd kill a man for a definitive Castlevania collection, I'd kill an adorable animal on top for redone art in those games.


Do you think there are too many shooters? Simple question, and I always hear there's too many, but when I look at my games, and I look at the games out there, there seem to be a plentiful amount of non-shooters. - spaceman_DOUG
Tamoor - Nope. I think we could do with more variety, but even then I'm reminded of Metro and BioShock, both which have promising sequels on the way. Less military shooters? Sure. I can get behind that.
Rob - Since there's so much noise about shooters, I can understand why people think they dominate the release lists, but in truth they are proportionally not as big as people think.
Chris Rob speaks the truth. There aren't too many shooters, there are too many shooter
sales - or rather, there aren't enough sales of non-shooter games. Like you say, there are loads of games out there that don't have you constantly gazing down the barrel of a gun, but the fact is those are the games that sell, those are the games most people own and as such those are the games that often dominate discussion, giving the impression it's all that's out there.

A lot of people in the industry reckon that the next generation of consoles will be the last. Do you agree? - flash501
Rob - Well, without wanting to ridicule those people too much, I would suggest such claims are made without taking all factors into account. The console business is remarkably complex, and you could grab any collection of related stats to form your own opinion about it.
But I think the most important stat is this: More and more consoles are being sold as each console cycle passes. This gen is already a new record, reaching beyond 240 million units sold.
The key point: There are millions of people who love dedicated games consoles and businesses will continue to want to reach out to this addressable audience. The games industry is in a constant state of flux, but I don't think this central fact will ever change.
Tamoor - I don't think so. I think the meteoric success of mobile and tablets might be clouding people's judgement. Too many people still value dedicated games consoles. I'm one of them. DEATH TO MOBILE AND FACEBOOK GAMES!
I kid, I love gaming on iOS. Facebook games can do one though.
Chris - I do think that by the following generation (i.e. the one after PS4 and 720) we might be looking at a different way we get our games - for example, I think disc-based games may be dead and we'll end up digital-only, maybe even using a Netflix-style subscription service - so there's a possibility that the next generation may be the last time we'll see console games on the high street and in supermarkets. However, there are far, far too many people who like playing games on their TV using a dedicated games console for the arse to suddenly fall out of it in five or six years' time.
And I like Facebook games, Tamoor. You and I are going to have to have a chat.

Should Facebook games (like Chris's favourite, Universal Film Mogul) do one?

If you could take one genre that is in such a bad state at the moment and reinvigorate it which would you choose and why? - EighteenSky
Tamoor - I don't know about genres but I have a few franchises I think could do with some new ideas: Legend of Zelda, Mario, Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA, Resident Evil, Silent Hill.
And before you start planning to murder me I absolute love those franchises, I just feel that recent entries have been weak and they're in need of a shake-up. I fully expect Nintendo will deliver the goods with Zelda and Mario.
The problem with Call of Duty, Battlefield and FIFA is that they're so popular now that idea of any sort of change scares the shit out of their publishers. They'll look amazing on next-gen consoles, but will they play all that different? Probably not.
Oh, MMO! That is a genre in dire need of freshening up.
Chris - Edutainment. Nah, we need a good new side-scrolling Streets Of Rage-style beat 'em up. Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim are decent recent examples but they don't have that 'feel' that Streets Of Rage did.

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