Killzone Shadow Fall story trailer

Sets the scene for the upcoming PS4 exclusive

Sony has released a new Killzone Shadow Fall trailer.


While the majority of the footage appears to be taken straight from the debut Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay movie, the voiceover setting the scene is new.

Shadow Fall takes places in the near future, when mankind has colonised planets in search of resources and a battle rages between two factions, the people of Helghan and those of Vektar.

According to Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst: "The story draws parallels to Cold War Berlin, with two factions living side by side divided by a vast wall. This is a story about the loss of home, the search of new home, and the lengths to which people go to defend it."

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Sony is planning for Killzone Shadow Fall to be among the PS4 launch games later this year.

The platform holder held a PlayStation 4 reveal event in New York last week. The PS4 release date is set for "holiday 2013" in at least one of Japan, Europe and the US.

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