Free Gears of War: Judgment DLC sponsored by Maxim

New maps and Execution mode launching in early April

Free Gears of War: Judgment DLC will be released on April 2 courtesy of gentleman's magazine Maxim.


The DLC is said to feature two new maps and Execution mode. Maxim detailed the following content:

  • Haven: Formerly a tropical oasis, this ancient monastery in the Azura mountains is now a frozen wasteland, thanks to the tectonic shifts on Planet Sera. Featuring an asymmetrical circular layout, the map is a guaranteed blast - all paths lead back to the center, so no matter which route you take, you're going to be embroiled in a fast-paced, hectic battle.
  • Execution mode: In Execution mode, the objective of each team is to kill all members of the enemy team before the time limit runs out. The catch? Unless hit with a one-shot kill weapon like the Booshka, players go into a "Down But Not Out" state and will revive at the end of the bleed-out timer instead of dying. To finish the job, perform an Execution on a downed enemy.

The Gears of War: Judgement season pass will offer new maps and modes at a discounted price, as well as a permanent double XP boost.

Microsoft recently released a lengthy Gears of War: Judgement gameplay video serving up four minutes of multiplayer carnage.

The platform holder has confirmed a Gears of War: Judgment release date of March 19, 2013 in the US and March 22 in the UK.