Rome 2 Total War trailer shows The Battle of Teutoburg Forest

Demonstrates new features including "true line-of-sight system" and deployable battlefield tech

Sega has released a new Rome 2: Total War trailer.


Centred on The Battle of Teutoburg Forest, a playable historical battle in which the Roman Empire suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Germanic tribes, Sega says the trailer demonstrates some of the game's new features including "our true line-of-sight system, deployable battlefield technology, and our tense new style of ambush scenarios".

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Sega has revealed six of eight playable factions in the game: Roman, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni and Suebi.

The Rome 2: Total War release date has reportedly been set for October 2013, although Sega's officially announced launch window for the game is simply late next year.