SNES and NES emulators 'available at launch' for Ouya

First wave of homebrew virtual consoles found to be in development

Illicit NES and SNES game emulators are already at the final stages of development for the upcoming Android console Ouya, according to online reports.


Signals within the emulation community suggest that a NES emulator will be ready on the day of Ouya's release, while two other emulation groups are at the closing stages of building a SNES emulator for the device.

The activities are believed to be in breach of some copyright laws and should not be considered legal.

Ouya raised a record-breaking $8.6 million on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in 2012. Its engineer and design team have boasted that the console is open-source and 'hackable'.

Those who backed the system will receive their copy through the post by the end of March, while retailers will begin to stock the $100 console in June.

The system will support four separate controllers.