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Nintendo prepares for a new President

Hiroshi Yamauchi ready to depart

According to several online reports this morning, Nintendo president Hiroshi
Yamauchi has confirmed he will resign in 2001. Mr Yamauchi is planning to stay with the company throughout the launch of Game Boy Advance, and Dolphin. But when both systems are in place in the Japanese market he will step down from office.The great-grandfather of Hiroshi Yamauchi founded Nintendo all the way back in 1889. Fusajiro Yamauchi began manufacturing Japanese playing cards in Kyoto, Japan, which is still the home of Nintendo HQ. The departure of Hiroshi Yamauchi could bring an end to this line of family premiers.Gamers should be thankful that Hiroshi-san has decided to stay on board for the Dolphin launch. He'd already stated he would oversee the launch of N64 and 64DD before retiring, although the success of N64 and the imminent launch of 64DD appears to have changed his mind on future plans.