Name Format Date Posted
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. multiplayer beta giveaway! PC  5th Feb 2007
Scoop a limited edition superfly DS stylus! All 15th Mar 2005
Scoop Seal of Evil! All 11th Oct 2004
Scoop signed SVC Chaos artwork AND copies of the game! XBX  27th Apr 2005
Scoop the ultimate FPS weapon: Win a SmartJoy FRAG All 10th Nov 2004
Screen test: Win a saucy NEC MultiSync LCD1970GX monitor! All 2nd Aug 2005
Second Sight competition All 19th Oct 2004
Shiver me gamers! GBA DS PSP  21st Jun 2006
Shock and gore: Shellshock: Nam '67 up for grabs All 3rd Sep 2004
SSX it up in our N-Gage compo! All 8th Mar 2005
Stake a claim on Ubi's Darkwatch! PS2 XBX  6th Oct 2005
StarCraft II beta key giveaway Day #7 PC  19th Apr 2010
Start your engines! Win TOCA 2, a slimline PS2 plus TOCA 2 goodies PS2  22nd Nov 2004
Super Street Fighter IV Challenge! 360  16th Apr 2010