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John Houlihan

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John Houlihan has been a games writer, journalist and broadcaster for over twenty years, working for major UK mags like PC Gamer, PC Zone and PC Gaming World, US ones like Computer Gaming World and latterly online at GamesSpot UK and for the past 7 years, CVG. Find more at his personal web site

Away from games he's worked in sports and video games journalism for two decades in print and online with credits including The Times, Sunday Times and Virgin.Net. Sports writing includes stints as a writer and producer at Cricinfo and Channel 4, as well as writing for Wisden Cricket Monthly, Cricket World Monthly, Inside Edge and Johnny Miller 96*.

A wide variety of broadcast work has included BBC TV, Sky and TWI and a host of guest appearances on radio including BBC radios 1-5, the World Service and many local radio stations.

Away from the salt mines he has an unnatural fondness for cricket, football (Watford FC) snowboarding, DJ-ing, playing guitar and most sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

His new novella is The Trellborg Monstrosities is appearing shortly and his first novel Tom or The Peepers' and Voyeurs' Handbook is available on Kindle.

He urges you to buy both as he urgently needs the cash. He is currently working on a new collection of short stories and a first sci-fi novel A Late Flowering Deity.

He currently works as Digital Manager of Computer, and ONM and lives in Watford, because someone has to.

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