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Ubisoft lights Fuse

Ubisoft unveils Fuse '06, a massive games and music event to be held at Newbury Racecourse on November 10. Brrrrrrr...

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    PES running on Wii

    Exclusive: CVG can reveal that Konami has PES playable on Wii and the developer is working on how to implement the Wii controller

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    Two new 360 pads?

    CVG learns two new versions of the Xbox 360 controller are doing the developer rounds

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    Wii Ethernet Kit coming

    Don't have wireless internet? Don't worry; Nintendo's Ethernet Kit will get you online in no time

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    Let's play darts

    Oxygen Interactive hits the bullseye on PC and PS2. Have a look at what ya could 'ave won inside

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    Designers envy Hollywood

    " designers have this Hollywood envy where they don't believe they've made it unless their game has been turned into a movie," says Epic's Cliff Blezinsky

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    Mind Quiz Dated

    Ubisoft to publish Sega's brain training PSP game in Europe this November

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    X06 Interview: Shane Kim

    Microsoft's head of Game Studios speaks on digital distribution of triple A games via Xbox Live, a renewed focus on PC gaming and why Halo Wars will open up 360 to a new audience

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    X06: Overview

    Missed X06? Here's everything you need to know under one roof

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    X06: Wingnut Interactive

    MS reveals partnership with Peter Jackson to create the next Halo game and form Wingnut Interactive

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    X06: Forward Planning

    Click through for a sneak peek at what Microsoft's hiding up its sleeve for tomorrow night's X06 event in - altogether now - "Barrrrcelonna"

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