Wednesday 22nd Jun 2011
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    Sony and EA top E3 Critics Awards

    BioShock Infinite and Uncharted 3 have both topped this year's E3 Game Critics Awards, nabbing four nominations each in the annual North American press-voted Best of E3 picks.

Wednesday 15th Jun 2011
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    Halo 4: Dissected

    You might argue that Microsoft's E3 press conference was lacking something last week compared to its rivals Sony and Nintendo. One thing that kept it in the mix though was the reveal of Halo 4.

Monday 13th Jun 2011
Sunday 12th Jun 2011
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    Who 'won' E3 2011?

    It's the big one. The question that inevitably crops up every year; "Who won E3?"

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    CVG: Comments of the Week

    It's been an exciting week. Everyone's been busy saying their least favourite platform-holder is rubbish, and some of us have been leaving borderline-taste comments after the booth babe round-up. Whose keyboard musings were best though? It's time to find out!

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    The best PC trailers of E3 2011

    As gaming's equivalent of a DMZ the PC relies on support from developers and publishers to thrive. Judging from the crop of upcoming titles paraded in front of our eyes at E3 this week, the good old personal computer is in store for a stellar year.

Saturday 11th Jun 2011
Friday 10th Jun 2011
Thursday 9th Jun 2011
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