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Dead Or Alive 5 PLUS

Dead Or Alive 5 PLUS

PlayStation Vita
Beat 'em Up

Now on PS3 too, Dead or Alive 5 is the latest in the epic series of beat 'em-up brawlers from Team Ninja and Tecmo and the 2012 version promises to to be the best yet with each brutal hit, split-second counter and flourishing dodge blending together to create beautiful fighting sequences. Don't worry though, you're still fully in control of the action. With series' stars Ryu Hayabusa, Hitomi, Ayane and Hayate all returning anyone who played Dead Or Alive 4 will feel right at home and character move sets and speed remain largely unchanged, with the major new combat feature being a power hit. Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi has promised crazy fighting arenas and Dead or Alive 5 looks set to follow in the series' finest brawling traditions.